How To Make $1000 Per Month Online – Simple Beginner Friendly Process

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In this video I share the most reliable path to making money online for beginners… from here you will need to choose a niche and build a few skills…

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This is completely beginner friendly and most importantly, this path will lead you to $3,000 a month online, $10,000 a month online and beyond. How do I know my wife and I have made millions of dollars online and ultimately we’ve executed this path multiple times for multiple brands and it works every single time. So I want to save you years that it took me of trial and error by giving you the quick summation of how this works. The first thing you need to know is the overarching philosophy of why this works. Because billions of people each and every month are searching to improve their lives. They’re searching to buy things or they’re searching to buy services that they believe are going to improve their lives. Okay, so where are we searching?

Well, as youtube or Google, generally speaking, sure, there’s some searching that goes on in other places, but generally people searching on youtube and Google are closest to being ready to click that buy button. And to purchase that thing they think will help them improve their lives. So what are these things that improve our lives? We’ve got to kind of break these up into two categories. I’ve got some examples down here on a notepad, so I’m gonna look down and read a few of those off. But the first idea is things. Okay. So we live in a consumerist type society. We’ve all been programmed through television programming to believe that things are going to make us feel better. Right? Commercials. That’s the goal of commercials is to help us think that things will make us feel better. So what kinds of things? Well, I’ve got a big property here and my lawn was getting out of control.

So there was a moment when I thought that a lawnmower and a weed wacker would make me feel better cause I could mow the lawn and make it look better. Indeed, it worked and it was great. How did I know what lawnmower to get? Did I choose gas? Did I choose electric? I googled and Youtube for this. So this is kind of the basics of how it works. So other ideas? Um, VR headset is something I’ve purchased recently. Uh, blenders, vacuum cleaners, makeup graphics, Card Tools, Jack stands, camping gear, tents, sleeping bags. This list goes on forever. I mean Amazon has millions of physical things that people can and do purchase and sometimes it goes to home security. It goes to smart home. It’s the nest, it’s the, the ring doorbell. I mean it just goes in so many directions. It’s absolutely crazy. And we’ll talk about how to figure out what direction is best for you in a minute.

Then there’s the other side of things. Some people are searching for results. Okay. They want a different result or a new outcome in their lives.

So they might be searching for how to lose 10 pounds. A business owner might be searching for how to rank on Google or they might search for how to get more leads for my business.

An individual who has a mortgage, they’ve got last year at about 5% might be right now searching, how do I save money on my mortgage? Or how do I refinance my mortgage?

Cause they expect they’re going to get an outcome they like.

And if you’re a mortgage broker, there might be a 1500 to $2,000 commission in there for you.

Massages, got some sore shoulder, sore neck, uh, people might search for massages, they might search for Chiropractors, some point people will search for dentists work, etc


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