How To Sell Your Online Courses – The #1 Key To A Successful Info-Business Revealed!

If you get this wrong you will never sell enough online courses to generate true lifestyle income… Learn the right way to sell your course online at scale, here…

My preferred course hosting platform that gives you 3 courses free –

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Why are creating and selling online courses so good for you as an online business owner?

First of all, the margins for selling information products are fantastic… One of the challenges is that the required skill set and level of expertise is also quite high…

You must be able to help people get results consistently meaning you have years or decades of experience helping people create specific results in their lives…

It’s this fact that courses are easy to sell and have great profit margins that selling online courses is my number one recommended online business model for 2020 and beyond –

Although selling online courses is not a passive income strategy, you can create wonderful residual income by selling your knowledge in the form of an online course.

Before you get to the learning management system where you decide how you can layout your course is important to make sure you have an audience of people who know you, like you and trust you and ultimately want to purchase your course from you…

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If you’re looking for a teachable tutorial, this video is going to be a broader perspective about the systems required to sell courses consistently.

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I want to make sure you have the right strategy in place because if you don’t have the right strategy, the tactics, the tools, the techniques won’t matter for you.

So we’re going to sum it up simply and then we’re going to break it down and make it a little more complex.

Now, before we jump in, I want to know, do you already have your own course available for sale? If so, say yes. If not, say no. In the comments down below, give me a thumbs up on the way down or on the way back and let’s jump right into it.

So in one sentence we’re going to start here, and again, I’m going to break this down, the nuances of this down more, but if I was to sum it up into one sentence, how to sell your online courses:

“Send your audience who know you like you and trust you an email with a specific offer that has some sort of urgency behind it.”

That right there, that one sentence has resulted in millions of dollars for my online business. And the theory is quite complex.

Really the idea of sending an email to the audience of people who know you like you and trust you with some sense of urgency.

There’s a lot of bits and pieces within that, so that’s the ultimate goal you want to get to. But how do you grow this list of people who know you like you and trust you?

Well, I’ve got the ATM process that I’ve been kind of working on and refining it. It starts with audience growth. That’s what the a stands for. T is the trust mechanism.

That’s the email list growth. And then M stands for monetization, which is ultimately selling your course.

Think of it as a row of dominoes and selling your course as the last domino.

What are all of those other dominoes that you need to knock over in order for that last domino, the course to sell to happen?

So the first big key is audience growth. You need to have some sort of an audience growth engine in place.

Now I’ve chosen to leverage YouTube as my core content strategy and I’m leveraging the YouTube search engine to help me connect with people who’ve never heard of me before, but are searching for answers and solutions that I, I know.

So I create great videos that answer their questions and I optimize them for the search engine and that helps me connect with and grow my audience.

Now multiply that out by about three years. In 575 videos, I’ve got 115,000 or so subscribers and I’m connecting with tens of thousands of people every day. Okay, so that’s been my audience growth engine.

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