How to Track and Grow Your Google Rankings

Today I’m going to show you how you can track and improve your rankings.


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So the first step is to go to You’ll land on a page that looks something like this. And here you can type in anything like a domain name or whatever it may be. And you’ll be taken to the Ubersuggest app. Now in this app, if you’ve already used it, you may be logged in like me. If not, top right here, you can just click the sign-in link.

And don’t worry what it shows on the screen. Once you sign in, I want you to go to the dashboard. So once you go to the dashboard, I’ve already created a project that tracks my rankings, but I’m going to show you how you can do it from scratch. And then I’m going to break down how you can improve your rankings as well.

So let’s create a new project. It’s simple, you put in your website name. Then you want to pick all the locations in which you want to track rankings. So then I would pick keywords that I want to track on a daily basis. And then you can just keep adding more and more keywords, then you would click the next button, rank tracking frequency. I recommend tracking daily.

You also want to track mobile rank tracking, and the reason you want to do mobile rank tracking is think of it this way, more than 50% of searches on Google are mobile.

Now here’s the interesting part I want you to do to grow your traffic. The whole purpose of rank tracking is you want to put in keywords that you already rank for, or that you’re targeting. It could be either one or the other. So if you think about this report and let’s go back to United States, so it’s national, and you can see I’m ranking for a lot of terms, like what is digital marketing, Google AdWords, digital marketing, and the list goes on and on.

Ubersuggest will automatically pull that up, so you don’t have to worry about putting in your own URLs it will automatically figure out what pages.

So if you already rank for terms like digital marketing or any terms that you’re even trying to go after, what I want you to do is go to the overview report on Ubersuggests and type in that term. And when you type it in.

So I want you to click on view all keywords. And you can just find so many keywords. It’s never-ending. You know, as you scroll, you wait a little bit and more keywords, keep loading, like literally it’s never-ending. And then I’ll do it for the popular questions. And then I would do it for the popular prepositions. And then I’ll do it for the popular comparisons. Now, if you go in and you modify your content and you adjust it for all of those longer tail variations, and you ideally pick the ones that have a higher CPC that’s cost per click.

So you want to take all of those keywords that have a higher CPC and integrate them within your text, as long as it’s relevant. And it makes sense adjust it on there, and then what you can do is, you can go out there and you can end up generating more traffic.

And those visitors will be more likely to convert in sales ’cause people are paying higher cost per clicks. So this is a simple hack on what I do to track my rankings and grow my rankings. It’s really simple. If you just do this with one page every single week, after a year, you should end up getting double, triple the amount of traffic.

Because if you already ranked for popular terms, the long tail variations, like if you look at the word digital marketing, yes, he gets 66, 60,000 searches a month. But all these longer-tail variations, if you add them up, get way more traffic than 60,000, right? Because you can do that for the suggested stuff.

Then the related tab and the amount of keywords just continually add up and if you go after all the ones that are applicable, you’ll get more traffic. Now, if you have any questions, when you’re doing this, just leave a comment below and I’ll answer and I’ll help you out.

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