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Today, we’re going to be covering additional sales channels. Just like leveraging Amazon, additional sales channels, all the other platforms out there like Walmart, eBay, they’re actually very similar. So going over them, implementing them, it’s actually not going to be too hard.

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First off, if you want to do well in e-Commerce, you got to rank your product listing pages from search goal values to keyword competition, commercial intent, grouping, all these things are important. And I’ll go over them throughout this lesson as well. And you can use tools like to do this all for you.

Typically, if people are willing to spend a lot of money on a keyword and it has high volume, that means it can drive a lot of sales. Once you have a list of keywords that you want to target, you want to optimize your listing, from your titles, including keywords in there that helps you rank higher, especially on sites like Walmart, from your bullets, tweaking the copy, making sure the keywords in there are same with the descriptions. By doing all of this, what you’ll find is, you’re going to start ranking for more and more keywords.

And when you do this, remember, just ranking isn’t enough. You need to make sure that your images are amazing, you have HD high quality once you’re getting high click through rates. And they’ll also boost your conversions because these sites make money as you sell more. And that also causes your rankings to skyrocket over time. It’s doing all these little things correctly.

There’s a lot of e-Commerce sites out there and platforms that you can be leveraging. So I’m going to go over a few of them and I’m going to go over step by step how you can leverage them.

Let’s start off with Etsy. They have over 323 million visits a month and over 2.5 million sellers on their platform. With Etsy, here’s some tips for tags, you know anything that’s vintage, custom, handmade, great for gifts, anything like this, any of the keywords that I’m mentioning here, they tend to do well.

What I’ve also found if you’re really trying to win on Etsy, you want to describe pretty much less about the product, write the materials, design, colors, more about how it feels Etsy is that site where people come for like handmade goods, that special emotional connection, that feeling and that’s what you want to do if you want to win on Etsy.

So now let’s go over Walmart, if you want to win on Walmart, which is a huge site, right?Walmart is very competitive pricing. That’s what they’re known for, having the lowest price available will help you win. Sellers on Walmart have less competition than Amazon but still have to maintain the reputation if you want to do well. So, reviews, ratings very important as well.

Now for eBay, eBay is still huge, you know their stock, multi billion dollar company they do over 10 billion in revenue.And some things that I’ve learned if you want to win on eBay, start with low price let people bid up and go from there. Or offer free shipping and 30 day money back guarantees, encourage positive feedback, people try to buy from reputable sellers. Do the basics headlines, descriptions, images, bullets.

There’s a lot of other marketplaces out there from Facebook Marketplace to Google Express, Alibaba, they’re huge, Rakuten, Allegro, Wish, WayFair. And the list keeps going on and on and on. So why not leverage all of them, right? Look to see what’s working for your competitors and go after those channels as well. You want to choose the right ones because it does take time to set up.

There’s also some other opportunities that stand out that I want you to leverage. The first is Many Chat. It’s a great way to leverage and gain more subscribers especially from Facebook. They’ll sew multi channel like email and phone as well, you’ll want to set that up.

So action answer you go to, click on se-Commerce unlocked, go to week three, lesson two and download the files here as well as the ones I mentioned.

And of course, your Platform Resource Guides for the eBay’s, the Walmart’s, the Betsy’s and all the ones that I mentioned. I look forward to continually helping you grow your e-Commerce sales, thank you.

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