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What does it take to build a million dollar business online? Is there a strategy that can guarantee your success? YES! This video reveals all!

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I’m excited to share with you this overarching strategy that I’ve used multiple times over with my wife to generate millions of dollars online and many members like you are building the lifestyle businesses of their dream. They’re creating the kinds of income that’s allowing to leave their jobs and support themselves and their families full time with this strategy. Okay, it works. Now, here’s the unique part, right? You’re a unique human being and you are at a different phase than the next member who’s going to watch this training video. You’ve probably had a certain series of experiences. You maybe have already started building things. You may be already have a list. You may be are brand new and that’s why this training is required. You need to self assess where are you within this strategy. With that said, we’re going to jump on the computer and I’m going to map out in a new way the ATM philosophy, the ATM strategy.

Now, even if you’ve heard me explain this before, you need to watch the rest of this video. I’ll keep it as brief as I can, but I’m going to explain it in a new way with some visual help that’s going to make this make perfect sense. You’re going to have an aha moment. So first and foremost, a T M K audience trust monetization. You have to have, these are the three systems you have to have. You have to have an audience growth system in place and it needs to be growing at all times. Then you need to have a trust system in place. This is your email list growth. Okay? You need to have some sort of a mechanism that’s going to allow you to build trust and ultimately likability with your audience. We do that through emails, so that’s part two and then number three is the monetization.

It’s what you’re selling. It’s the front end sale, it’s the funnel, it’s the backend sale, it’s the one click upsells. It’s the customer Ascension path. And we’ll talk about each of these individually. So right now I want to go onto the computer and show you and break down how this works so you understand how and why all three of these systems are required and how they work together. And then you’re going to need to figure out where you are on the path. So in the next video I’ll show you exactly what aligns with each phase. Let’s jump right in. It’ll make even more sense here in a moment. So we’re going to draw this out and I want you to understand again that this is a kind of a new way of thinking about this process. So first we have, let me get my pen here.

So first system we have is the audience system.

Then we have the trust system

Then we have the monetization system.

Now if you know much about my story, you probably know that I did nothing but focus on the audience system for six months for a total of about 200 videos.

I went all in on the path of giving great content for my audience in order to grow said audience. I spent the time required to partner with a search engine.

I chose YouTube cause I prefer making videos and I went all into the tune of 200 videos in six months before I ever even started on my trust mechanism.

What you’re learning here is a proven system.

The trust mechanism, I put out my first email autoresponder, my first opt in report came out a six months in and it failed pretty bad. It took me three tries in order to really truly get this right and it took me about one year to get to that point where I really felt like I had this system dialed in. So I encourage you to be patient with yourself.

The odds are it might take you even longer and that’s okay. You’re building an asset and you’re building a business that can care for you and your family for the rest of your life.

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