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This video reveals the exact sales funnel template that’s made me millions. If you want to sell more online faster, watch this next:

In order to build out this powerful sales funnel as shown in the training you will need a few key pieces of text but you don’t need the fancy “funnel hacker” software that costs $297 per month!

What you will need is an email marketing system that gives you the opportunity to build out your own landing pages which you can get for free.

There are two free email marketing systems available that also offer landing pages… But there is one big difference between the two of them.

One does not give you an autoresponder that can automatically follow up with your customers nor does it give you any support.

My recommended free autoresponder that includes the automatic follow-up and support is explained and detailed in how to set it all up here:

The second free email marketing system that gives you landing pages is explained with a step-by-step marketing tutorial here:

The next piece of the puzzle you will need is a shopping cart that gives you the ability to build out sales pages, run split tests on your sales pages and the ability to add one click upsell’s.

The only shopping cart that offers all of this in one package is available here:

Although you don’t need any of the fancy funnel software you can use them if you would like. I just personally believe adding complexity to this simple and elegant funnel will make your life more difficult which is why I use and recommend the simple approach.

I am a big fan of the KISS method in business and I have found the more that I simplify my business, the more successful I become. I talked a lot about this in a newer Facebook live you can watch here:

Now, this sales funnel is called the ATM accelerator and it’s based off of my broader ATM strategy which you can learn about in this video here:

The idea comes from the old school of direct response marketing and it is all about creating a self liquading offer through a funnel.

This means that your sales funnel liquidates the expense in ad spend immediately when the user goes through the funnel.

No funnel hacking required. And Russell Brunson doesn’t want you to know how easy this can be, or else you’d give up on your overpriced ClickFunnels subscription!

With that said, if you are looking for the best clickfunnels alternative, you don’t need to look beyond this post here: And you will find the marketing tools I use on that post, too.

Just know, you don’t have to be a part of click funnels in order to join the two comma club… in fact, the most important part doesn’t come from click funnels at all! It’s what’s in the bank that counts!

Now, the broad idea here is that you need three separate systems working together to make up your A.T.M.

Those three systems are:




The audience system is how you are growing your audience whether it’s a paid or organic approach.

In the video I mentioned that we had organic traffic already built up from our blog. If you don’t yet have a blog that you are publishing to an order to gain traffic from Google, this post teaches you how to start a blog fast:

If you don’t have organic traffic going yet you always can leverage advertising in order to get targeted people in front of your offers fast.

Personally my number one platform for paid ads right now is Facebook advertising and I share all of my best Facebook ads content here on this blog post:

Here on YouTube I have a video where I show how to build an “ATM approach” directly in Facebook ads as well:

If you are not ready to start selling your products online and you want to learn more about the whole world of making money online, I recommend this playlist of my most valuable free trainings that are all here on YouTube:

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