Month 4 Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Momentum Begins In The Messy Middle!

99% of people who try to build an affiliate marketing website fail. This video update explains my path to growing a niche Amazon affiliate website.

The new plug-in we added on and mentioned in the video is here:

The new publishing team I plan to use that was mentioned in the video is WP Publish Pro:

The recommended “Power of Compounding” video is here:

This is month four of the affiliate marketing website case study build. If you have not seen the previous months, you can access each of those videos in this affiliate marketing playlist here:

The full blog post for this month’s update is here:

In previous months we were having difficulties creating enough amazon reviews content to reach my three blog posts per week goal.

In month four we had successfully received great content from two separate teams but the challenge moved downstream to the actual layout and publishing of said content

My designer couldn’t keep up and we brought on a second affiliate marketing assistant to help us publish these blog posts, but she made a massive mistake…

she began to download the Amazon affiliate images and upload them to our site which is outside of Amazon’s terms of service.

It is vitally important to remain compliant with Amazon affiliate marketing rules on your website.

which is exactly why we’ve added on a specific Amazon affiliate marketing plug-in to help us manage this process of publishing, compliantly.

The plugin is here:

you need to monitor what your outsourced team is doing on your WP site like an eagle.

This is why passive income is not something I believe in. If you would be smart and think passive income is real, you’re gonna realize that building affiliate marketing website takes a ton of energy and it’s very active income.

I still think you should build your own niche site project, affiliate marketing Is a great way to learn did you marketing skills while making money online. And affiliate marketing’s great for beginners!

but having the right perspective about what it takes to build a niche website is key. Which is exactly why I’m doing this affiliate marketing case study.

I don’t have an affiliate marketing course to sell you. I’m not trying to convince you that you’re going to become a wealthy affiliate with any magic systems…

The goal of this marketing case study is to prove to you that becoming a successful and wealthy affiliate is possible… But it also takes a lot of hard work and creates a time of challenges you will have to deal with.

As entrepreneurs great way to think about what we do is constant problem-solving.

The more problems we solve for others the more we earn!

The most successful affiliate marketers and digital entrepreneurs seek out problems to solve for others because they know the not so passive income they desire is on the other side of solving hundreds if not thousands of problems.

Whether you want to create freedom as an influencer or you want to hack the authority of your website to grow quickly, realizing that hard work over long periods of time (I’m talking years not months) is the right mindset and perspective to become successful as an affiliate marketer!

If you’re unsure about how the game of affiliate marketing works, I highly recommend you check out this beginners guide to affiliate marketing:

also, in this video I teach exactly what it takes to become successful in affiliate marketing in just one video

Finally, one of my favorite benefits of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to begin making money online with a very low cost investment. For a domain name and website hosting you can that started at less than $100…

With a lot of hard work, building new skills and following through you are able to build a very lucrative business based on your efforts.

This is how my wife and I built our first website. We were not traditionally trained in digital marketing, I don’t have his computer science degree, we literally just figured all of this out ourselves spending our nights and weekends building our affiliate websites.

It took us five years the first time to create massive success. The second site I built took 18 months to create massive success. Once you know the process you can replicate building successful niche websites because you understand how to hack the authority game!

In the income that comes from building and growing successful affiliate marketing websites is some of the most freedom influence in your life.

It is worth all the hard work to grow into an affiliate who achieves true wealth!

Matthew Brewin

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