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in this video you are going to learn the new Facebook advertising strategy that I’ve used to draw my cost per lead down to about 12 cents per lead and drop my cost per new customer acquisition below $3 this is revolutionizing my business. You’re interested in the deep dive, the exact step by step the handholding. To build this all out. To get the help you need to build this all out. There’s a link down in the description below. You can click and that will take you to the actual course that I followed. I’m an affiliate for this course. Obviously I’m an affiliate marketer. That’s what I do, but I’m only recommending this because it is helping me absolutely crush it on Facebook right now and if you want to get these results, go for it. But now we’re at a transition onto the computer and I’m going to show you my best approach at trying to explain this new system in action. To give you kind of the big picture so you just at least understand how the system works. If you want to try to DIY this yourself, but again, I highly recommend getting the pro to hold your hand and walk you through the process. On that note, let’s move on the computer and get into it.

First we’re going to recap what were we doing. So back before I added this new strategy, it was Facebook ad and this was the $5 per day strategy and the Facebook ad went to an opt in page and then from the opt in page, two things happened. If they signed up number one they got placed on my email list and number two they went and saw the OTO and then obviously we have a one click upsell that goes from there. So this is kind of the, the last strategy and the ad was going to a retargeting, it was going to interests and it was going to look alike audiences. Okay. Pretty much all my audiences warm or cold, I was just showing the same long copy ad to, and again, I’m still doing this but we’ve added to it. But here’s, here’s the big perspective shift. A lot of what I’ve taught here is all about the ATM strategy, right? And the idea is audience first. Then we have the trust, and then we have monetization.

This strategy that you’re looking at here, this is the moment where I’m able to build trust with the user. Okay? Essentially I’m saying I will give you value via email. If you take this action first, I’m not taking that same strategy that I use to grow my wife’s blog, to reach 30 something million people to grow this my YouTube channel to reach over 6 million people, 120,000 subscribers. That was value first. And here are my $5 strategy is doing value after they take after and only if they take a specific action which is opting in. Then I will deliver you value. So what are we doing now? And this is where it gets really, really interesting. So now we’re essentially adding the ATM strategy into Facebook ads. So I like to think of it as if there’s three separate funnels working together within my Facebook ads at this point.

That’s, that’s what this diagram is, is these are three separate funnels that you’re looking at here. They’re not the prettiest funnels I’ve ever drawn in my life, but that’s okay. So this first one is the audience level funnel. This second one is our trust funnel and this third one is our monetization funnel. Okay. And again, please, please, you know, I’m not an artist here so, so work with me here, but what we’re doing here is there’s the cold audiences on Facebook and as of the last, uh, fiscal reporting, I think they’ve got like 2.5 billion active monthly users. So this is the cold audience in here. Then the trust section is the warm audience. So what we’re doing here is we’re adding video ads mostly. You can definitely do image and text ads if you write great emails, if you’ve got some great micro content, you absolutely can boost that.

But what we’re doing because we have so many YouTube videos, is we’re moving some of our YouTube videos and we’re running some of our Facebook live videos in this top level as cold traffic audience. So we’re now moving the value to the very top. That’s the big shift that we’re doing here.

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