New Affiliate Marketing Website Case Study – Month 6… My Source For Writers Revealed!

Can affiliate marketing create passive income like the GURUs say? Is it possible to simply invest money and earn a big return? How long does affiliate marketing take?

These questions answered and more in this video!

First off, here is the link to the detailed post where I reveal my exact process for hiring writers for your affiliate site.

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This video is month number six of my affiliate marketing website case study where I’m starting from scratch in a brand new niche, building a website from zero and documenting every 30 days here on YouTube.

What’s the progress?

We’re going to look at my analytics data so you’ll understand the traffic and the impressions and all of that. We’re going to learn about my actual sales data, right? The actual profits, how many products we’re selling, etc.

First I’m excited to finally announce where I’m getting my copy from because it’s taken literally six months to solidify my process for finding the right writers.

I’ve tried done-for-you services, I’ve tried services from the place I bought the website, I’ve tried independent writers and it really took me going to the pro blogger job board to really find the best quality writers.And not only do I have one at this point, I have three writers who are awesome.

One of them has actually written their dissertation on the topic of my niche, so I’m finding absolute excellent top, top quality people who can write, write and write.

I’m paying 3 cents per word is the price we found had a lot of people say, no, that’s too cheap, but I did find a few people at that price point, so I’m excited for what I have found.

Now looking back, had I known when I started, what I know now, month one would have been choose the niche and buy the website, purchase a KGR keyword pack, and then go through this exact process of hiring directly from the problogger job board.

Now to kind of share the full process in detail, I have a blog post on my website.You’ll find that in the description below. The short version of it is number one, I paid to have my job pinned to the top. I think it costs about $140 for me to list this job on their job board. And then I had a big long application process.

They went through Google form and they filled out an application on the Google form and the people who I thought based on their applications who were qualified to possibly write, they all got a test job and this was upwards of a dozen people.

Then I read through their content and the people who had really good kind of like core writing style, I don’t expect them to be perfectly optimized. I didn’t expect greatness, but I’m looking for who just has a good style. It’s readable, it’s catchy, short, punchy sentences.So I’m really trying to kind of kick up my content for the next six months at this point in time.

But if you’re just getting going, I really recommend managing like the quality of content writers I found on this website are better than anyone else. So finally, at this point in time boy, I’ve got my writing team dialed, which when the entire goal of an affiliate con like affiliate based website is keyword focused, high quality optimized content published on a blog. So Google indexes it and drives traffic.

The writing team is that integral part. So, although I’m six months in, I feel like I’m like just getting started at this point in time. And also there’s that, that old phrase from Steve jobs, right? You can only connect the dots looking behind you. It doesn’t make sense to connect them forward. So I’ve built multiple successful websites.I build multiple brands to $1 million and beyond.

I brought all of this skill to the table with me and it’s still been a big time process of trial and error. And I think it’s important for you if you’re building an affiliate website to honor that, that it is filled with trials. If it’s your first one, it’s going to have lots of trials.

Even if this is your third or fourth website, there’s still going to be challenges. I guarantee you if I do this again, I’ll be a lot faster out of the Gates this time. But the process is still the process and I don’t care how much experience you bring to the table, whether it’s zero or you’ve been doing this for 10 years, I’m really trial and error is still the greatest teacher there.

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