Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-in | What Is The Right Way To Grow Your Email List?

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This video is all about single opt in versus double opt in. Specifically, you’re going to learn what the right approach is for you in growing your email list and ultimately growing your business online. Because the truth is that it’s not a one size fits all type scenario. And in fact my wife and I operate differently. I run a double opt in list while she runs a single opt in list and there are specific reasons for that and that’s what you’re gonna learn here. So you know what the right ultimate approach is for you. Before we jump into which one, let’s talk about what this is K. so growing your email list, the user needs to give you their email in exchange for your lead magnet. Then the question is, do they automatically go on your list and go into your followup sequence in that moment or that single opt in?

Or do you require an extra confirmation step where they actually have to go to their email, they open up a confirmation email, they click a link and you’re getting a double opt in confirmation. So that’s the difference. Okay. Now you are clearly going to grow your list more slowly with a double opt in, but that’s not necessarily a problem and there’s a lot of marketers who rally behind the idea of small lists of hyper-targeted people are way more valuable than large lists of non-relevant individuals. This is why I could use a tool and go scrape millions of email addresses from websites and that list would be worth nothing to me because there’s no relationship. These people don’t know me. My deliverability would be terrible and I would go right to the spam box. Whereas when my list was only 3,500 subscribers, very small list in my space, I actually won an affiliate competition.

I did over $30,000 in revenue in one week with three emails in one video and I out kind of sold people who have lists of a hundred and 120,000 and greater. And the reason is because it’s more about the relationship you have with the subscribers on your list than it is the size of your list. The size of the list is absolutely a vanity metric. With that said, the other reason, the other key reason why I’m running a double opt in list is the niche that I’m in. So in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship, it’s very common for me to be talking about cashflow, income, profits, making money, return on investment, and all of those phrases are really, really close to spam traps. Okay. Those are the types of phrases that when flagged by G mail, my emails will go over into the promotions tab.

And if enough people click report as spam, I’m going to really ruin my deliverability. And the fact that the niche that I’m operating within has a lot of people all pushing webinars and over-hype get rich quick things. My emails may be perceived as overly promotional and people might be more willing hit the report as spam on my content than someone who is potentially in the cooking space. So the other niches where this becomes a problem is anything that has to do with finances, personal finance, making money, whether it’s investing, whether it’s Forex, whether it’s making money, online, digital marketing, et cetera. So that was one of the big considerations. And also my list was brand new. When you’re just getting started, a lot of times certain, um, mailing tools, auto responders will not actually let you run double opt in until you’ve proven that you’re a trustworthy sender because they’re fearful.

You’re just going to go upload a list of random people and start spamming them essentially, right? Sending emails that are unsolicited as if you didn’t get that kind of, um, the confirmation that you could actually email them. So a lot of them, if you’re brand new, they’re just going to prevent you flat out from going to a double a single opt in list and they’re going to force you to go with a double opt in list until you prove yourself as a reliable sender who doesn’t have huge amounts of spam complaints. So I really want to position the single opt in as a great option for people who are new to email marketing. It’s a great option for anyone who talks about anything in the world of earning income, of growing a business, of, of profits, of return on investments, et cetera.

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