Start Your Blog, NOW! 5 Reasons Why You Need To Start, ASAP

If you’ve been thinking about starting your blog, you are about to find why now is the best time to start blogging in the last 10 years. this must watch video reveals how the “new normal” is creating opportunity for bloggers like you.

For help starting your blog, a free how to blog tutorial is here:

For help choosing your blog’s niche, you can check out the free “how to choose a profitable niche” course here:

after running a deep dive survey with my YouTube audience and my email list, it is clear that many subscribers, possibly you… Are waiting to understand how the whole world of blogging works before starting.

The analogy is that you’ve purchased a puzzle and you have decided you are going to analyze every single puzzle piece and understand how they all fit together before starting to build the puzzle.

When thinking about blogging through this lens of puzzle building, the idea of waiting to understand everything before you start becomes ridiculous.

But this is the truth.

Most new bloggers are stuck in indecision because they are analyzing and over analyzing everything.

The truth is, coming from someone who has built a million-dollar blog and has five profitable blogs, that you learn by actually building something.

It doesn’t matter if you build a website focused on BMX bike pedals, catfish fishing lures, or teaching cats to juggle…

You will learn more by getting into motion and building your blog… You will learn more by starting a blog… Then you ever will from watching YouTube videos about blogging.

There is a time and a place for learning new information. This is called just in time learning not just in case learning.

when you are starting your blog you need to commit to a niche and an audience for your blog and then simply build based on the how to blog tutorial above.

Once you have your blog started you need to learn how to create blog content fast that ranks in Google which you can learn in this video here:

For help coming up with blog topics you can use these free tools

for the professional level keyword research tool that will help you get traffic to your blog fast, watch this video:

But here’s the thing about blogging…

There’s nothing else to do beyond what’s listed here in the description!

You need to come up with new topics that your audience is interested in based on keyword research…

You then research your blog topics based on the process taught in my learn how to write SEO content fast for your blog video…

And then you publish it to your blog and repeat the cycle.

People achieve success with their blogs because of the volume of content they publish over long periods of time..

My wife’s blog reaches 40 million humans because she has been publishing blog posts for over 10 years.

Which is one of the biggest reasons why now is the best time for you to get started .

Because it takes time for you to grow your blog audience, get your blog indexed by Google and by starting now, you are on the path to achieving the success with your blog you desire.

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