Steal My 9-Step Process To Create Blog Posts That DOMINATE Google & Drive Traffic!

Here’s the exact process I use to reach over 30 million visitors with my blogs… The step-by-step blog publishing process revealed.

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In this video you’re going to learn how to create and publish blog posts that crush it on Google so you can get more impressions, more clicks, and more traffic to your website, helping you grow your business case. Specifically, I’m going to be talking about this through the lens of being an affiliate marketer, but even if you’re not doing affiliate marketing and you’re just using content marketing and SEO, you’re going to get a ton of value. And I’ve got a nine step process that my team and I have pretty much perfected at this point. And that’s what I’m handing you here. And if you’re not doing affiliate marketing, it will be an eight step process cause there’s only one step specific to affiliate marketers. I’m doing a a case study building an affiliate marketing website from scratch. So this is month five and at the end I’ll talk about the, the statistics and the numbers of that site.

But really I want to give you this process because up until now our biggest challenge has been how do we really create and publish enough content in the right way? I’m not doing all of the content anymore, so I’ve had to really get super specific with my process that my wife and I have used to drive tens of millions of visits. Her site gets something like 8 million visits a year. It’s had like 35 million plus people on her website. So it all comes out of this. And then how do we apply it? And that’s what you’re gonna get is the whole process. So without further ado, the nine step process to creating and publishing blog posts that rank get clicks and crush it. Number one, keyword research. Now if you know who I am, you’ve seen any of my videos, you’ve absolutely heard me talk about keyword research before.

I think I have five or six different keyword research videos that all rank really well here on YouTube. The one that I think you need to watch if you’re going to watch one of them and you haven’t is how to find the low difficulty, high search volume keyword phrases. That’s the process that we’re using. So we’re looking for long tail phrases and it’s all about identifying the right keyword phrase and then it’s about understanding the intent behind the keyword phrase. And this is where a lot of people missed the boat. Okay? They’ll go find a keyword phrase in the tool and they’re like, perfect. That’s the phrase. It’s got low difficulty, it’s got high search volume, I’m just going to write, and they go straight into writing and that as a huge risk. You need to take time to analyze what is that search intent from two filters.

Number one is the human being who goes to Google and what are they thinking? Where are they? Is that actually your perfect lead, your perfect potential customer? Get into their mindset. Think of who is actually searching that. Kay. So there’s the human search intent. Part two of the keyword research search intent is the algorithms search intent. What does Google think that this phrase is all about? How do you learn what that is? You go Google the keyword phrase and it’s a simple step and this actually leads us into step number two. The once you’re pretty sure you’re confident based on the numbers from your keyword research tool, you’re like, I think this is my keyword phrase, go to Google. So step two is to write out your title and description first. Now, a lot of people save this until the very end. You’ve written your great blog post and then it’s like, Oh man, I got to come up with a unique title and a description and you have this, a little bit of a creative hangover.

So you need to spend time writing this first. When you’re full of energy and where do you get the ideas of what’s working? This is where you really start to frame what’s working. It’s from that Google search, so step one you find your keyword and then you search it to know the intent. When you’re on that Google search page, this is where you need to be looking at what titles are working, what descriptions are working, are all of the posts a top 10 list will great if so, make a top 21 list, right?

Make it bigger and better. Lists are look at what is already working on Google and realize that Google is showing you clearly by the first page results what Google thinks is the absolute best topic angle hook for this post

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