The #1 Key To PROFITABLE Facebook Advertising – Most People Get This Wrong.

If you get this wrong, your FB ads will NEVER work… Those who unlock this secret can make millions with their Facebook Ads.

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This video reveals the number one most important part of your Facebook advertising campaigns.

When you’re done with this video, you’re going to understand a framework that Dan Kennedy taught the late great Dan Kennedy, one of the best copywriters of my era who just passed away recently.

And you’re going to learn this framework because there are so many people teaching it incorrectly right now.

A lot of you are missing this key piece and it’s without this key piece, you’re never gonna make any money with your Facebook ads. You’re not gonna drive the leads that you desire.

Now, what is the idea from Dan Kennedy?

It’s essentially the marketing triangle is what he coined. Also kind of commonly referred to it as the three M’s of marketing.

The three M’s are the media, the market, and the message.

And the theory that he proposed is when you get all three of those things right, you are going to see massive response to your advertisement, right? So when you get the right media, the right message in front of the right market, you will essentially have a win on your hands. So we’re going to break this down, run it through the filter of the modern era of Facebook advertising to understand through this framework, what is the most important piece.

So number one is the media, right?

Well, the media on Facebook ads, we can kind of scratch that one off because the media is Facebook. We already know that we’re on Facebook with this type of advertising.

Second is the market which are the different audiences in Facebook.

This can work as a retargeting audience, right? A pixelated custom audience that is retargeting people who have visited your website. It could be a custom audience where you upload your email list, your leads list, your customer list or both.

So these are different segments of the market, but then you get into the lookalike audiences and also the different individual kind of interest based audiences.

Which brings us to the number one most important part of your advertising campaign. It’s the ad copy, and this is the one thing that people overlook time and time again.

So I think we need to run what we’re doing on Facebook through a couple of filters. Number one, you need to be creating value in the lives of others. Number two, you need to have a unique solution to a big time problem that people are willing to invest in. If you don’t have those two things, there is no ad copy that’s going to fix it, right? You can Polish a turd but still got a, that’s the honest truth in this scenario, so that’s the prerequisite for this, but once you have focused in, you know what media you’re marketing on, you can test the different interest, his interests instantly, right?

The magic sauce on Facebook advertising is the ad copy itself and you need to be a student of copywriting. I have been studying and practicing copywriting for 1520 years. I still read copywriting books. In fact, on my Kindle right now on my phone, get another copywriting book. I’ve read dozens if not hundreds of copywriting books at this point in time. I’ve written and worked on with my wife, hundreds of sales letters and I’ve written and composed dozens upon dozens upon dozens of ads. There is nothing out there beyond writing ads, testing ads. It’s going to get you to be a better copywriter. You need to study what the greats like Dan Kennedy teach, right?

Their content’s out there available in $10 $20 books. There’s no lack of information. You don’t need the fancy $2,000 courses. What you need to do is study copywriting.

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