The BIG Email Segmentation Myth & The Best Email Marketing Strategy Revealed.

Is Email Segmentation required for success? Do you need Tags, Segments and Automations? Here’s the truth based on experience!

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This video reveals the email segmentation myth because in the world of email marketing, there’s a gigantic myth around segmentation and you’re going to learn what that myth is. You’re going to learn the right way to do email marketing, and then finally you’re going to learn about a free email marketing course that I’m personally studying. I highly recommend that is absolutely brilliant, but first we got to talk about the email marketing segmentation myth because if you start to buy into all this hype, you may get zero traction when you need momentum more than anything. So what do I mean? Now, whether it’s the actual software creators, right? The people who are creating and selling email marketing software or those gurus out there who are selling you the $2,000 courses because you need dynamic behavioral response marketing and all these fancy terms.

The truth is when you’re getting started, when you’re growing to $10,000 per month, you generally do not need advanced email marketing segmentation. Now I’m happy to admit that there’s a point in the digital marketing business where having some segmentation will come in handy and can help you improve profits. I am using some of these things and we’re going to talk about that here in a minute, but the key, the core key right now is that if you’re generating $1,000 a month revenue, $2,000 a month revenue, $3,000 a month revenue, and you’re not at that 10 grand a month mark, you need to be focused on more marketing activity that’s going to bring more people into your ecosystem and making more offers and the act of taking the time to build out all of these sub sequences, all of these fancy tagging and automation systems is actually distracting you from what you need to be doing.

So how does email marketing segmentation work? Well, the theory is multifold, but you would generally be using some sort of an event as an identifier for a specific person. Maybe they opted in on a specific opt in page, so you tag them and they run down a specific followup sequence or maybe on email for they click a link and you add a specific tag that says they clicked and showed interest in product B. Therefore they go down a separate autoresponder sequence that gives them more information about product B. Now this can make sense if you’re bringing in thousands and thousands of new leads through your autoresponder each and every week, but if you’re just getting started, the absolute best email marketing system to implement is to have a dedicated followup sequence. Personally, I use about a three mail, three email sequence, and then they move onto my broadcast segment.

My wife sends about 10 emails and then everyone ends up on her broadcast segment. This is it. This is the only segmentation that we do, and this is the only segmentation we’ve done in the first six or seven years of our business and we were able to grow to a $40,000 per month business in this time frame using one simple automation of when they finish the followup sequence, put them on the broadcast list, and this allows us to focus our time and energy because that is your most valuable resource when you’re trying to really build up your business and the marketing activities are focused number one on reaching new audience members through youtube videos, through social media content, through ads on Facebook, through videos, et Cetera, et Cetera. Then we have calls to action for people to join our email list. Those subscribers will then go through that autoresponder sequence and then they end up on our broadcast list and on average between four and six times per week, my wife and I emailed that broadcast sequence.

Now you might be thinking, well, miles, I have topics, different topics. Am I really going to send one email to everyone? And the easy answer is yes, you can do this. So let me give you an example from my business now. My first autoresponder sequence, my first opt in was all about a abundance meditation, Kay, and the bit was that the mindset that the conversation you’re having upstairs in your head is what’s holding you back from the success that you want. They opted in, they got access to the meditation, they went through 10 emails, and then they got put all my main broadcast list. Now I know these people are interested in mindset and they’re interested in growing a business because that’s what a my audience is about and that’s what the offer was.

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