The Cheapest Way to Write Lots of Content At Scale

Writing content is simple, but not easy. In my experience with SEO and content marketing, having the ability to put out content at scale can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic you’ll get. So how do you scale up this effort? Today, I’m going to break down the cheapest way to write lots of content at scale.

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So, the first thing you need to know is you need to create content clusters.

You need to go in with a focus and make sure your content’s well organized. So instead of creating tons and tons of different articles on the same topic over and over, you want to create content clusters. Just like you know how Wikipedia won’t have 20 articles on Abraham Lincoln. Instead, they just keep expanding that same one. You can have one article on your main topic and then all the subsections.

Like, let’s say if your article was on SEO, you could have another article on link building, another one on on-page SEO, another one on meta tags. Right, you can even have another one on how to set up your site maps. That’s an example of doing content clusters. And that works really well.

That’s what we do at our ad agency. And each month you can focus on new keywords and variations within your cluster.

So what you want to do is use tools like UberSuggest’s to find queries that your audience is asking about.

When you go to the keyword ideas report within UberSuggest, it’ll show you all the comparison keywords, questions, preposition, even the related and suggested keywords. This will give you ideas of new term and sub pieces of content that you can end up creating. And make sure your content matches the intent of your audience.

The last thing you want to do is just write content that’s not related and is also very surface level. You want people who are very intent-based such as, someone typing in SEO agency versus just typing in SEO.

You also can outsource your content creation at least one part of it. If your content is becoming too much to handle in-house, you can outsource it through writers and editors.

You can find a ton of them through sites like Text Broker or, that’s a job board. It’s my favorite place to find really good writers. And they’re at a low budget as well.

Now if you can’t outsource it all, you can at least outsource part of it, like the data, the statistics, academic research. Like if you want to write it internally, you can say, hey, let me go pay someone to dig up all the data and all the information so I can include it in my blog post.

The next thing you can do if you want to scale up fast is just use your generated content.

Ask people, right. Hey, do you want to write reviews? Do you want to write your experience? Do you want to guest post on our site? This works super well.

Just hit up all the other people that blog on your competitors’ websites from the guest post perspective because you’ll see guest authors on your competitors’ sites or other industry sites. And hit them up and ask them if they want to blog on your site as well. It’s a great way to get more content.

You’re already recording content for a YouTube channel and social media so you might as well use that for text-based articles as well. The average person speaks at somewhere between 125 to 150 words per minute.That’s much faster than what you probably type at.
And you can have someone do it and transcribe it for you. You can also use sites like, where they’ll transcribe your video into text and you can have someone modify it.

The next thing you want to do when it’s coming to scaling up your content production if using a content management platform.

Sometimes a spreadsheet with all your content isn’t enough. Using content management software can be low-budget and collaborating with other key people and team members makes it really simple.

Now, the bonus tip for you guys is you can also use Trello. So when my team updates our content, because I only write four or five pieces of content in a month, but I have a team of three that are updating 90 pieces a month because we’ve noticed that we get more traffic updating our old content than writing new content.

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