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The #1 Real Estate Podcast host in the world, Robert Helms shares his secrets to success in this interview with Miles Beckler.

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in this video I have a very special guest. Robert Helms is with me. How are you man? Doing well! If you don’t know who Robert Helms is, he’s a niche celebrity, he’s a podcaster and he is pretty well known in the real estate space. And in this video you are going to learn about the path to success online through creating a podcast. So Robert, for my viewers who don’t know who you are, would you mind giving us the little snippet on who is Robert Helms and what does Robert Helms do?

So most folks know me as the host of the real estate guys radio program and we’re on traditional radio. We have been for 23 years now. We started podcasting when it was pretty new. Our producers said, Hey, we’re on a podcast, the show. And I said, what does that mean? Well, we’re going to take out a lot of the commercials and we’re going to put it out there and we’re going to see if people like it. And today we’re one of the top downloaded shows. Our show airs once a week in 190 plus countries. And people come from all over the world to our events and it’s absolutely crazy. Just a couple of guys with microphones in a suitcase and we talked real estate investment, real estate primarily.

Okay, so investment real estate. Let’s go back to the beginning. So you were broadcasting before podcasting was a thing, right? So there’s obviously some sort of, a little bit of a radio story there and then real estate happened. So… So can you take us to the early days when you overlapped your passion for real estate or whether it even was a passion in the world of broadcasting? How did that happen?

It was that exact venn diagram that you talk about. So my dad was a real estate agent, but primarily he was a real estate investor and he loved to buy real estate owned real estate. And I got the bug pretty early. He needed some help. And so to help in real estate, you got to have a license. So I studied to get a license and that gave me the ability to earn $10 an hour, which was twice as much as I had been earning in my overnight radio job.

And that was one of my all time favorite parts of my life was learning radio, getting around other people who were learning radio

Meanwhile, my dad’s and my ear about real estate, I start to get the idea of passive income. You can own a property, somebody else lives in, it takes care of it and they send you a big chunk of the money. I liked that and we figured out how to sell real estate.

And then a friend of mine said, Hey, I’m a public speaker and he’s still a public speaker. And he said you know, you’ve kind of a radio background.

I was thinking about doing a radio show on real estate. I said, well, you know, when I was at college, I did kind a pilot program for a talk radio program on real estate.

So we kicked around this idea for a little bit and we started this fledgling little show where we would just kind of pontificate about real estate. And then before you know it, people would call in and we’d take callers and it grew.

And then podcasting is what really made the difference because that’s where people raise their hand and say yes, they don’t just happen to be tuning by. But I was able to take the thing that I was originally in passion by radio and communication and still am and marry that with real estate in a kind of unique way.

So for the quick takeaway here, a few things. Number one is there’s two sides to this story, right? There’s the media, there’s the form of communication and the message.

The media was spoken word in to a mic… And the message was all about Real Estate, his passion and professional experience for many years…

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