The WRONG Type Of Goals Are Keeping You From Success & The RIGHT Way Revealed

Most people have goal setting backwards and don’t achieve what they desire. After watching this video, you’ll have the secret of the 1% at your finger tips.

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In this video you are going to learn how and why the wrong types of goals and setting goals in the wrong way is actually keeping you from achieving the success that you desire. But then we’re going to transition and you’ll learn the right way to set goals, the types of goals that are actually going to align you with the lifestyle you truly desire so you can really get on that path.

My life has blossomed because I embraced this one thing and I see so many people stuck because they’ve got this wrong. So first the the wrong versus right way to do goals. Okay, so event goals versus process or system driven goals. That’s the first key idea for you. We’ve got several of them in this video, but I want to go deep into this first. Most people set a goal that is based around an event. When this happens, I will have achieved my goal. It could be 10 grand a month, it could be paying off a specific amount of debt.

It could be it’s a specific event. Now that’s the incorrect way to go about it for several reasons. Number one, when you set a goal that’s externally driven, that is something that you don’t actually have yet. That’s an event. You are constantly in a state of being of lack. You technically don’t have that yet and that is what your ego mind and that is what your body, your biometric energy being is going to reinforce over and over and over. My goal is $10,000 a month. Boy, I’m a long way off from that. My goal is $10,000 a month. The ego mind just messes with you. The opposite of this is a process driven goal and it’s to it. It can get you to the same location you truly want to go and we’ll probably stick with this $10,000 per month goal throughout the whole thing, but when you think of it in the S in the idea of processes or systems, everything changes because then what you start to do is you unpack that entire idea around what are the processes and systems that lead someone to 10 grand per month and that’s my goal.

I want to have those systems in place that by a byproduct of those systems operating normally I get the income that I desire. So you are fully in control of your ability to go learn about build, implement, test, and work on the systems today so you can instantaneously be in alignment with that which you truly desire. If you desire to have the business systems, the online business systems that are going to generate you $10,000 per month versus the 10 grand per month at all costs goal. It’s a very, very subtle and nuanced shift, but that’s how the subconscious works and it allows you to move forward daily working on those systems. Now if you’re interested in the world of digital marketing and online entrepreneurship, I have a video that goes deep into the three systems you need to grow a successful business. I’ll cover them briefly here, but if you want the deep dive, be sure you check out my ATM video cause the three systems that you need are an audience growth system, a trust growth system, and a monetization system.

Audience growth is what I’m doing here on YouTube, right? I’ve put up almost 600 videos. I’ve got 120,000 subscribers. That’s the audience growth. The trust growth is my email list, K of that about 12,500 people have subscribed to my email list and I’m in contact with them multiple times per week, usually sending helpful content, giving more value because that builds trust. Then there’s the monetization system and I monetize through affiliate marketing, recommending specific products and tools that I use that have helped me grow my business and I have a small inner circle coaching program where I work with people who are really ready to commit to get to that next level and all three of these systems work together. The audience growth system has over 10 X larger than my trust growth system, right? I’m connected with way more than 10 X. The people on my blog on YouTube here then are on my list and there’s literally about, I dunno, 5% to 3% of people on my list are actually paying longterm members.

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