3 Reasons SEOs Should Learn How to Code

Learning how to code can make you a better SEO and marketer. In this video, you’ll learn how programming and SEO intersect, and what you can do with it even with just the basics.
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First things first, this video isn’t for beginners. If you’re just starting out with SEO, focus on the fundamentals first.

Also, just because you don’t know how to code, doesn’t mean you can’t be an excellent SEO.

But the learning curve to programming is worth the effort because it benefits your efficiency, wallet, and career.

So, how can you use programming as part of your SEO arsenal?

The first use case: by learning a server-side language, you can automate redundant tasks.

SEO is filled with redundant tasks, like changing title tags. But this can be done programmatically in a fraction of the time.

You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

Another reason you should learn at least the basics of programming is to communicate more effectively with your dev team.

Marketers and developers tend to think differently. Marketers often think of the final result, while developers think of all the steps that are required to get to that result.

While it sounds like a match made in heaven, the synergy between the two departments often falters.

The last reason is that understanding how code works can make you a better technical SEO.

Being able to read through source code efficiently can help you identify technical SEO issues that most crawling tools wouldn’t discover.

And finally, which language should you learn? You’ll get some recommendations in the video.


1:08 Use server-side language for automations
1:52 What is API?
3:57 Conditional functions for easy automations
4:08 Use cases with Zapier
4:51 Communication with the dev team
6:25 Technical SEO and coding

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