5 Free SEO Tools by Ahrefs to Improve SEO

In this video, we’ll show you five of our best free SEO tools and how you can use them together to improve SEO for your site.
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Over the past year, we’ve released around 14 free SEO tools. So, this tutorial is going to show you how to use them together and hopefully gain some traction from organic search.

The first free SEO tool is Ahrefs’ Webmaster Tools or AWT. AWT includes two of our core tools and will work for any websites you own. The first tool in AWT is Site Audit, which will scan your website for over 100 technical and on-page SEO issues and organize them into digestible reports.

If you’re unsure of what to do with these issues, we also provide details on what the issues are and how to fix them.

The second tool in AWT is Site Explorer, which lets you check backlinks and search traffic data.

In Site Explorer, you’ll see top-level metrics for your website like, Domain Rating, total backlinks, total referring domains, which are just unique websites that link to you, the number of keywords your site ranks for, and the estimated search traffic to your website.

You’ll also see an interactive graph that shows how fast you’re acquiring backlinks from unique websites, which is a good indicator of your website’s popularity on the web.

Site Explorer also allows you to see the keywords your website ranks for. Just go to the organic keywords report and you’ll see the keywords you’re ranking for, their search volumes, keyword difficulty scores, and the positions we saw these pages ranking in on this date.

You’ll learn how to use these tools in the video.

The next free SEO tool is Ahrefs Backlink Checker.

With our free backlink checker tool, you can see the top 100 backlinks pointing at a URL or domain.

How do you use our Backlink Checker tool? You’ll learn how in the video.

The next free SEO tool is Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator.

This tool lets you find keyword ideas for search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. Just select your search engine and enter a broad keyword related to your niche.

We’ll then show you the top 100 keywords that include your phrase along with search volumes and keyword difficulty scores for the top 10 keywords.

It’s best if you can combine the next free SEO tool with Keyword Generator. And that tool is Ahrefs’ SERP Checker.

SERP checker shows you the top 10 rankings PLUS the SEO metrics for the top 3 pages. And beyond metrics, you can see non-personalized search results from 171 countries.

How do you use SERP Checker and Keyword Generator together? You’ll learn how in the video.

And finally, the last free SEO tool is Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar.

It allows you to see redirect paths and HTTP headers for any page, scan pages for broken outgoing links, see an on-page SEO report, and more.


0:00 Intro
0:34 How Ahrefs Webmaster Tool (AWT) works
4:44 See competitors links with Ahrefs Backlink Checker
5:32 Find keywords with Ahrefs Keywords Generator
6:18 Review Google’s top pages with Ahrefs SERP Checker
7:07 Check SEO metrics with Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

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