9 Best Chrome Extensions for SEOs

Find out how to build the perfect SEO setup on Google Chrome with our list of must-have Chrome extensions.
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Most SEOs love Google Chrome Extensions.

But having too many extensions doesn’t necessarily equate to higher productivity. In fact, it can even lead to slowing down your computer.

So, the challenge is choosing only the ones you actually need. In this video, you’ll learn which Chrome Extensions you should use for your SEO needs.

The first category is link building.

You’ll find out which Chrome Extensions you should install to:

► Find emails quickly and accurately
► Open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time (so you can vet multiple prospects easily)
► Find out which links are nofollowed on a page (this is helpful for vetting guest blogging opportunities)

The second category is keyword research. You’ll learn which Chrome Extensions you should add to:

► see keyword, backlink, and organic traffic data RIGHT inside Google’s SERPs
► see global search volumes and country-specific search volume

The third category is on-page SEO. And for that category, we have one recommendation, which you’ll find out in the video.

The last category is page speed. There are two recommended extensions in this category, and they’ll help you to:

► check your page speed and see suggestions on what you should do to improve
► test your site’s mobile-friendliness


1:00 – Hunter | Link building
1:40 – Linkclump | Link building
2:53 – NoFollow | Link building
3:24 – Ahrefs SEO Toolbar | All-in-one SEO tool
4:10 – Keyword Surfer | Keyword research
5:06 – SEO Minion | On-page SEO
6:00 – Lighthouse | Page speed
6:40 – Page load time | Page speed
6:57 – Window Resizer | Mobile Friendliness

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