Affiliate Marketing Website – SEO Guide (Case Study)

Affiliate Marketing Website SEO Guide 2021 PART 3 CASE STUDY. Lets do some affiliate keyword research and build out some content structure for our website in those video guide on affiliate marketing.

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I’ll cover some affiliate tips for buying websites and performing optimizations in order to grow them from zero to a hero.

I wanted to document my experience with an affiliate website from start until finish I wanted to get a website that really has nothing going for it and build it into a great website that can earn some commission through affiliate marketing.

So lets cover some SEO tips in this guide including .
1. Keyword research
2. Structure Tips
3. Schema
4. Internal linking

Any questions related to SEO or marketing regardless if affiliate or not. Please feel free to ask all guide related questions below where I am happy to answer any and all of them.

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