Black Hat SEO 2020

Today’s black-hat tutorial is a black hat SEO technique using parasites.
This SEO technique is a method that has been generating leads along with affiliate sales for quite some time and I am happy to share this technique today.

So I will walk through the entire process for you step by step so you can follow along and learn the tips and tactics that will help you rank and start bringing in sales and affiliate commissions.

Regardless of your niche this SEO technique can be useful it does not matter if your search engine optimization preference is white hat , grey hat or black hat it does not matter.

So this technique will take a little bit of time and you will need to find a niche and a topic that you are interested in however it is really simple yet effective once you implement the step that will be laid out for you in this guide.

Showing up in search results the SERPS is the #1 priority fo any business whether it is local or any other kind of business with a slight or massive online presence, however there are a lot of ways to implement SEM & search engine optimization. Black hat’s like to game or figure new and improved / easy ways to rank there sites or start earning using SEO.

And using algorithms to there favor, instead of only users. Earning rankings any way they can on search engine results pages black-hats are some times considered shady or said to use shady tactics to get there results for there internet marketing campaigns.

I prefer we like to use fun and improved ways to rank not just the post content and hope users like it enough to click or better yet Google likes it enough to be shown in search results. Using the Parasite Method you can almost grantee rankings for the position you are craving.

If you enjoyed this addition to my black hat SEO series please be sure to let me know , also if you have questions about this technique or any other SEO questions always feel free to ask in the comments below.

Matthew Brewin

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