Black Hat SEO • Click Through Rate Manipulation

Black Hat SEO Click Through Rate Manipulation and CTR SEO Tips. When two CTR manipulation giants go head to head it is time to grab your learning SEO hats.

Today I will walk through some tips for anyone wanting to learn about CTR and SEO and how to rank using user generated signals. Regardless if you are using organic click through or you are usijng CTR in a manipulated way it really does not matter.

As we move from 2020 into 2021 user signals along with entity establishment for your websites along with other properties is very powerful.

But what is CTR manipulation? Click through rate optimization and implementation is the act of clicks to the amount of impressions. The more clicks you get per impressions from traffic the higher the click through. When you are able to send direct targeted traffic in a particular way through to a web property you will see a increase in rankings depending upon multiple ranking factors that are in play.

So if you want to learn more about CTR SEO feel free to check out my site.

I will break down the difference between organic click through and what click manipulation is. If your a black hat or a white hat and or just want to learn SEO or if you have questions related to search engine optimization. Feel free to reach out below or on other social networks.
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