Black Hat SEO Tips 2020

Looking to learn black hat SEO tips in 2020. Than this SEO tip video is for you. I will cover a black hat tutorial on how to use black hat SEO for good or for many other things for your search engine optimization efforts.

So what black-hat technique and tips will you uncover today in this tutorial?

I will be going over a way to find hidden content or pages that are set up on websites for multiple reasons. What I am going to showcase is a set of sites or pages that are called staging pages or test pages or development pages.

What can I use these hidden pages for?
1. Capturing content before it is live.
2. Affiliate Scoping.
3. Finding Conversion tactics before pages are live.
4. Seeing tests on new products
5. Seeing new pages or entire sites that your competition has before they go live so you can utilize these pages full of content or other pieces to your comps strategy.

If you are in higher comp niches where there are a lot of websites with multiple products then it might be best to have a bot or script created to run checks for niches and web-pages / sites in your industry or niche.

I hope that this strategy you can find useful , not every webmaster uses this strategy to launch pages , also note that not every website will be careless with there deployment of test or development pages. But with new pages never seen by others I am sure you can see the possibilities with this technique.

I hope you enjoyed this walk through step by step of the process. If you have questions please feel free to ask I am always happy to help when and where I can for my fellow affiliate marketeers and search engine marketing specialists in the internet marketing space.

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