Bryan Harris on List Building Strategies That Work

In this video, you’ll learn some list building strategies with Bryan Harris.
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Bryan Harris is the founder and CEO of GrowthTools, a coaching and consulting company. To build his email list, Bryan has tried almost every tactic out there.

In this video, he shares some of the strategies he has tried that actually works in building your email list.

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01:30 – Two categories of email list building.
01:53 – Bryan’s most and least favorite list building strategies.
05:02 – Does the “Upside down homepage” work on company blogs?
08:00 – How do you keep people engaged after using a content upgrade?
11:52 – Bryan’s most and least favorite off-page list building strategies.
19:05 – How do you pitch companies to do partner/joint webinars?
28:05 – How do you keep your list engaged?

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