Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 293

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0:00 Intro and announcements

05:36 I have subsribed to Accesswire for doing press release distribution for a client: question 1- does press release distribution correlate with rankings in any way?

12:59 2. if yes, are there any best practices you tested?

14:33 The SEO Bootcamp process uncovers the topical keywords for each silo and the questions associated with them to use in writing the 7-900 word post. Hiring a writer to write researched and well written articles sounds expensive. When creating posts around specific keywords to create topical depth, is content curation something that can still be used? Is it something that can still be put in the hands of a writer in the Philippines for $10 a post, or is it going to cost more?

28:101 according to Google’s documentation SameAs schema support has been dropped around 2 years ago. Do you think they lied and for what purpose?

32:20 there’s this car dealer asking me for SEO services in a city where I already work with a dealer. How should I handle this? I don’t know if trying to rank 2 businesses in the same niche, in the same city, is possible, both practically and morally. How would I rank both? Am I wrong? Do I turn him away? How would you respond to the inquiring client in this case?

36:38 I am interested in purchasing your syndication networks for my YouTube channel. I have watched the course SEO syndication network from Bradley Benner and I just wasn’t sure what would be more beneficial for a YouTube channel: the single tier or the multi tier Network.

42:40 I’m assuming the the RYS expansion is the extension needed to target the other key search terms, and it’s added to my shield? Also, what’s the best way to approach an eCom site with no physical address, with regards to the shield?

44:30 Is there any automated way to get the links of a newly syndicated post, to send them in for linkbuilding? Or do I have to get them manually from each platform?

46:14 Why do you want for the rss of the other authority channels to be changed frequently when submitting the super feed? 2) Because there is minimum of text length of 300 words in each page/post submitted, I wonder if words inside a block quote tag which is basically words from other site will be considered/counted in the article’s text length? This is what contentkinkpin relys on?

49:00 Good Day Gents thanks for this forum to get real-world answers that work. I have a client that wants to know what to do with his side business website. The market has atrophied because of COVID, but he expects the market to come back. How can he mothball his site to weather these times but not loose rankings and have to work twice as hard when things bounce back? How would he sell the leads to some online platforms that would benefit from customers like his, but they are in a different market?

54:39 Do you link to money site page/post that you are trying to rank on every press release you do? Do you ever link to the same money site page/post you’re trying to rank more than once? I’m assuming you would not want to inundate the same page/post with PR links.

1:00:03 Image SEO question…. I have search query that is a first and last name with the only SERP feature being an image carousel. How would you go about getting the images you want to show in the carousel?

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