Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 294

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0:00 Intro and announcements

11:35 Hey guys, got some questions for Marco. Can the G stacking techniques be replicated with other sites and platforms like Microsoft, or Baidu for additional power?

13:33 Lastly is it safe to iframe a money site and order linkbuilding to the iframe embeds or would you recommend iframing other assets in the stack and then link to the money site from there. Thanks again for all the great stuff you share.

19:07 Hey guys, just wondering what your thoughts were on this; I have seen a site in my niche it has a few s3 page ranking number 1 for many of ours/their target keywords, when you click on any of the results on Google its redirects to their home page not the s3. I’ve checked and they are hosted on s3, would it be a worth hosting a site on s3 then redirecting your stacks straight to it?

21:52 Hey guys, my car dealer has some rivals selling his same car brand, and those other dealerships are showing up in my brand search. So whenever I search something like “North Ford” I get “West Ford” hanging around in like 5th position. We used to get “Suburb Ford” and “South Ford” in our brand SERPs too, but my brand-building for first tier properties has taken them to page 2. But “West Ford” is glued tighter than bark on a tree. I bought a Heavy Hitter link-build for the Syndication Network at the end of May, and the order arrived just a few days ago. After a few weeks, my properties should get stronger right? Would this be enough to push “West Ford” away? What else can I do?

31:59 Hi guys: 1) (Because I wasn’t tuned last week didn’t clarify myself): Why its recommended that the super feed has a mix of the money site feed with another authority feed that publishes new posts/articles regularly? What difference does it make?

34:56 2) Say a money site has 100 branded properties (instead of the 20 properties you do today). Will it be risky to add all of them to the SameAs schema in the money site?

40:22 3) Should I submit the super feed gradually, like 10 a day or can I submit 200 sites at one go?

41:46 In addition to building out the main syndication network do you recommend sending social signals to the money site? If so what services or apps would you recommend? Are the fiverr gigs and other sites like addmefast any good or just spam and a waste of time?

45:34 Is it a good idea to build out a national directory on a GSite where, essentially, each State, then City is a RYS Drive on the same Gsite?

47:29 Guys thanks for doing these HDHOs. I am dealing with some very low competition niches resulting in much lower fees that can be charged. What Battleplan items would be considered essential and what items can be eliminated (or pushed off to later months) in order to work with shoestring budgets but still get results for clients? Thanks

With the SEO Shield, does the product come with tutorials on setting up our Google stacks and syndication networks?

55:24 Will there ever be an expansion of RYS into stacking cloud properites?

59:18 Does it work for “non local” clients, aka a company that services entire US.

1:00:16 Where can we find training for GMB posts?

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