Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 298

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0:00 Intro and announcements

09:08 Hi, I was interested in Content Kingpin and I saw that on you don’t list Content / Outsource / Local Kingpin, Are these courses older and/or unmaintained and/or replaced by the things in the HHC or MasterMind?

11:39 Is there a way to hide a gsite in serps but still benefit from the power of a stack or shield from mgyb?

14:14 Hi guys: 1) I understood not putting exact match keyword as anchor text to our money site. But what if the the link came from a press release? Can we put “Virginia seo” in a press release? We are eventually claiming that the page created by us.

22:12 You say that Dedhia is responsible to the: linking & embed & indexing packages. Also you say that he does his “magic” and has a lot of experience. But what if Dedhia won’t be tomorrow? Do you have any backup? Can you replicate his methods by yourself? Do you have any videos & tutorials that someone else can come and do what he does from scratch and get the same results? Because it seems that Dedhia is the only one that can help for competitive markets by being responsible on these packages. In the mgyb there should be a video or a course foreach package that someone can go and do it by themselves (DIY). You took care of the seo shield (ifttt & rys) but there is missing info on the other packages. Don’t you think?

25:00 Should we include breadcrumbs in the pages of the money site? is the breadcrumb schema helps ranking?

27:19 Can you explain the difference between General Embeds service and Map Embeds?

31:07 Any new tricks you can share to rank youtube videos faster?

42:37 What is the new package “Wiki Link” about? Is it single link only? Is creating a wiki link more harder than building a IFTTT branded network? (costs the same that’s why I’m asking) 2) How much effect there is for that link?

46:57 Hello. I love the file. Can’t wait to dig through it. I just got my Keyword Research back and was told that I need to filter it and send the filtered set back to have it submitted to the system. What exactly should I be filtering? Keywords that don’t apply to my business? I purchased the Keyword Research (highest package), basic SEO Shield and then Link Building

52:04 I need to push power to money site city pages. Better to iframe all post to G-site and them order a link building to G-site or build links to some other properties? My goal is to cover all city pages on the money site.

56:27 When I’m doing a blog post on money site the links from the post should be directed to 1 silo?

57:54 I wasn’t necessarily saying it needed to be you guys doing that consultation for what to buy. I am new to you guys and obviously don’t mind spending money. But I am a little confused on everything you guys sell and when to use them.

58:30 Is there any way to set up RSS feed FROM a G site? Is it possible to use an RSS from a G Site for IFTTT?

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