Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 299

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0:00 Intro and announcements

9:32 Setting up a local lead gen site. Have’nt got a phone number for it yet, would you wait until after you have the number to set up the GMB? Also which of the following do you use for lead gen? A1800 number, 1300 number, mobile or local land line with a redirect?

12:36 Hi Guys, I want to set up a niche blog but don’t like writing. How can I generate the quality content myself for my niche blog? Will the generated content be good enough for niche blogging? Thanks..

20:48 I am currently in the Syndication Academy 20 and I was wanting to know all of the different features/benefits in the MasterMind that you don’t get in Academy. Is this all of the different training you offer in the MasterMind? If I join the masterMind can get a discount for the cost of the Academy for the first month. I watching my budget but I think I could really benefit from the MasterMind group.

27:15 Hi Guys, I have eCommerce website using WordPress with woocommerce. Would you recommend I a subdirectory/folder on the same domain and load a new wordpress and create a blog? I was thinking this would not impact anything on the ecommerce site. Would that work for SEO still?

31:44 Hi guys: 1) Does the link to a branded property in the press release should be to the property or to one of its pages that were syndicated by rss?

39:12 2) Can we treat an article directories as press releases? meaning publishing like the PR stacking and also linking to actual PRs?

41:19 3) What do you when you say kitchen-sink? gets me confused.

45:25 Hi Guys (smile) . . . . Hope you are all safe and well (smile) . . . . Just have a quick question . . . . When using Press Releases or an RYS Drive Stack through the MGYB store, can you blast either or both of them with 100’s (or even 1000s) of backlinks without any negative effect on your “money site” or GMB listing, and if so, will that increase the “SEO Juice” flowing to either entity and help them to rank? . . . . Thank you VERY much (smile)

47:10 Hi Guys! Last time misss an oppotunity to say thank you) Question – In one of you video you said that I can copy main silo page content and create a post. Post will be canonicalized back to main article, canonical link itself will be a jump link in the main article. The question is, should I interlink those posts if main article has 5 jump links and I’ve create 5 post from main content ? Thanks a million

52:58 great (cool) . What do you think of the statement that each complex silo can be flattened to a simple silo? And if a site isn’t that big is it better to do the flatten?

01:00:38 2) 5) Should we have a form in the branded properties for collecting leads?

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