Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 302

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0:00 Intro and announcements

10:34 Hi Guys unreal content! Had a question about RSS post attribution links for a Shopify blog. How do I go about adding these without Yoast or WP? Thanks!

11:55 Please excuse me for mentioning a competitor, but there are these guys called Ranking Factory Revolutions, do you have any relations to them as they teach similar tactics of stacking?

14:26 Hi Guys! Would you wait until you have the verified GMB before publishing the gsite? Just wondering whether not having all the links in place for the initial crawl would affect anything (in turn all the iframes on the gsite as well would be missing the gmb)

17:23 Hey guys, sorry 2 more questions (smile) 1) for the gsite mirroring, are you linking from your g properties to those catergories on the gsite with the keywords you trying to push? or just linking to the homepage.

22:15 2)what is the SEO benefit of using link shorteners?

23:48 Hi guys, thinking to build a local directory and was wondering if you knew any good WP plugins for this? Preferably one with silo structure built-in would be nice and ability to add in cities to expand in future. Also would a rys stack be suitable for a site like this using just the category keywords and linking to homepage? Thank you

31:52 Hi guys (cool) : 1) (Just for knowing – even if seo clients are not my prefered model) Say you charge 1000 on a client. how much of that should you allocate to content?

37:05 2) If you have a domain that has subdomains, each subdomain has different purpose of a niche (not for leadgen, niches like dogs, cats, sports, etc). How should it have be built with seo shield? shield to the top domain and shield to each subdomain?

41:05 3) if a user came from a backlink to our site that was just created. Does google index the backlink?

44:46 4) Say we use a YouTube syndication only. What to do if a video drops position in the serps?

54:17 I want to get a drive stack set up for one of my entities and I’m a little confused about the whole RYS google drive stack thing on what to do first. If I order the seo shield package, does that satisfy the whole drive stack set up? Or do I need order the RYS google stack package first before I order the seo shield package?

54:17 Hi guys, I have a client who wants their site strengthened via SEO shield, but the site is light on content. Would it be best to increase the content offering first before starting on the brand shield?

01:00:19 HI Guys! Thanks for all value that you giving to the people. I have a seo shield and map embeds ready, now I’m planning to submit link building order. It’s better to pick narrow target point an push all power to it or spreed link volume to different points such ifttt posts links, g-site, map embeds etc? May be you have a percentage of link usage or something like that. Thanks!

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