Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 305

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0:00 Intro and announcements

13:19 Can we do the rys on dropbox folder & files or microsoft folder & files?

17:44 Does creating a single gdoc or gsheet with the 1000 keywords pointing with anchor link to a single page on the money site (not gsite) will make (or give it a push) that page appear on those keywords in the serps?

21:04 Do you have any tool for indexing non owned properties urls?

25:24 How do you find the methods? Did you see a direction someone took and you enhance it? Or you just get an idea in the head (aka firing lighting bolt out of your ass)? it is hard to get results based on assumptions here (in the seo world). results come after weeks or months.

46:35 How much money and time was spent to get results like this?

51:01 What product has your schema training in it?

54:28 Imaging having a place like MGYB when you all started. I can let you guys do the work and just sell it and get “out of my business” and start working “on” my business. From day 1. Not from day 2,031. But from Day 1. Glad you guys are here.

Matthew Brewin

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