Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 308

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0:00 Intro and announcements

08:43 Are your syndication networks still powered by IFTTT? How have the changes to their model affected what you do?

15:39 I there is a Pro and a Plus version but they lead to the same checkout. Is there a diffrence? – vs

17:43 About the Auto Blog creating plugin that you said was previewed on POFU, do you have a link for us to subscribe when it’s available?

19:17 For those starting an agency and dealing with multiple GMB’s for clients and internal sites what would you recommend for maintaining multiple phone numbers for verification. Is it too risky using a single phone number?

23:40 is there a limit to how many links we can push to the gsite/stack. I have been doing multiple rounds of link building and been ok so far but wonder if there is a threshold where it is either ineffective or harmful. Would love your opinion on this. Thanks again guys

26:40 Hey guys, what would you do if your client’s website didn’t support a native RSS feed as WordPress provides? How would you get one?

28:09 Question for Marco, do you see any advantages in using AMP or PWA for money sites to further strengthen entity and authority? If not what are some other ways we can improve mobile versions of sites assuming speed is good with cache etc.

31:00 Hey Guys, I’m a little confused about how to set this up. I am setting up a multi-location lead gen site with pages like the local landing page for each location. How do I silo content if each location is its own silo? Each location page is basically a clone of each other (rewritten content) with the same categories types. If there are let’s say 20 locations, do I do 20 different articles on the same subject linking each to its own location silo? Or do I do just one article and associate it with the brand? Writing 20 articles on the same topic seems a bit much. But how else do I push relevance and depth through each location silo if I don’t write 20 different articles on the same topic? Is linking the content to the brand alone enough? Or could I write one article on a topic, and then add location tags for each location to the article? I’ve really hit a wall on this one. Not sure how to structure the site architecture around posting content. Thanks.

37:03 I purchased your very first IFTTT training and have built several networks myself since then. However, with the 3 custom applet limit, this covers syndication to the three blog properties but not the Drives and Notebook type properties like OneNote, EverNote, etc. [posted the above before I finished typing by mistake] Since IFTTT no longer allows shared links and finding applets set up to your specifications is proving frustrating, just wondering if you have any links to known working applets, or what you guys are doing to work around this three app limit.

39:21 Hi guys: 1) Can you kitchen sink spam right after you have created the shield? 1.1) Do you kitchen sink spam right after you have created the shield or you wait to see the results (eating 21 days)?

50:26 2) Will multiple articles from the same domain that have backlinks to different pages will give any value? And the diminishing returns does not affect for backlinking to multiple different pages.

56:44 is the seo ultimate pro plugin working ok for you? 2 weeks ago the license stopped working and all the settings disappeared. my sites are now missing all the metadata, schema, and settings etc.. even testing on a fresh WordPress install is the same.

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