Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 321

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0:00 Intro and announcements

11:49 Is there anything we can do with microworking sites like mturk to help scale up SEO efforts? I saw a video on another channel where they used microworkers to boost CTR but from what Bradley says this isn’t good practice anymore wondering if there is some other stuff we can do instead? Happy new year

25:40 happy 2021 sm! Got a question about local gmbs. Is it possible to embed youtube videos into a gmb post? I tried but only found an option to upload a video would be nice to just embed a video though. Thnx

28:17 Since Google stopped the shortening service it mentions something called Firebase. Can this be used for similar backlinking? What would be the easiest way to get started. thanking you

30:30 I have a competitor who has a very generic business name that contains some keywords in it who is ranking above me. What are some ways to leverage the brand name to increase rankings for service and branded search results?

36:06 Looking at branching out from client projects and try my hand at leadgen and ecom but have a surplus of domains from over the years. Based on your experience is parking domains a good monetization strategy? If so can it also help from an seo standpoint with links on the parked pages to money sites or will that be too spammy? Thanks in advanced

40:30 Has anyone had any luck with creating local listings with no physical location and getting into the 3 pack for your target keywords?

43:47 Do you guys still use GMB Briefcase? Can you please tell me a little about that product

46:01 Is it possible to do paid ads for spam gmb listings?

46:28 If you have a large company that operates multiple brands would you have a single drive stack for all of them to store press release pdfs etc and then make seperate gsites? Or would it better to have entirely seperate stacks? The brands are all in similar niches.

50:22 For the feature that gmb has where the customer can text you, can you put the same # in different spam gmb listings or does the # have to be different in all of them? And if so is there a way around this

53:30 howdy Ya’ll when it comes to setting up auto blogs is it still viable to use RSS plugins like WP Robot to automatically grab content from feeds and provide citations to the source? If not how would you recommend approaching this as a way to generate traffic automatically.

55:51 I got my keyword research (which exceeded my expectations, fantastic work) and am now building my website. My question is this. When do I order the seo shield? Do i order after I have built the website and added my 3 categories and supporting category pages etc, or can I order while building the website? What will be the next product to order afterwards RYS, Linkbuulding etc.

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