Google Indexing and Google Updates SEO Tips

Google Indexing and Google Updates Google SEO Tips. Know when a update is happening before everyone else. I also want to help you with keeping links indexed by feeding other aggregators and indexers online with your link building campaigns.
So most importantly keeping your links indexed after you have created them is top priority so you do not lose all of your hard earned work.

So this video will update you some helpful tips related to how to know when a Google update is about to happen.
Also how you can tell if a massive update is going to happen before everyone else.
I will also walk through a way to help links get found by crawlers and more importantly by showing Google how valuable your links are this will help keep them indexed.

I hope that this SEO video helps you when it comes to updates happening and a way to better get your backlinks found by Google and have them valued more by the big G.

If any future questions related to search or marketing feel free to ask or reach out . I am always happy to help.
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