Google My Business: How To Rank Maps Tips And Tricks

Today learn Google My Business how to rank maps tips and tricks. Ranking higher on Google Maps doing GMB SEO.

I will cover 6 topics plus a bonus topic at the very end that can get some wheels turning possibly for your business and can help you reach that next level of Google My Business ( GMB SEO).

So the 6 tips in this video for ” Google My Business” are:

1. How many edits you can I do each day without waiting or getting my edits reviews.

2. Adding a service based area to your already existing GMB listing to expand and show up for more searches increasing your visibility without going against the guidelines.

3. What is SIP trunking services and what are they used for regarding Google My Business and other Maps related SEO.

4. Why you could be getting flagged by using particular trunking SIP services for you multiple location rank and rent business.

5. One way to remove bad reviews that could be leading to a decrease in sales for your website and or not helping your overall ranking.

6. Google My Business API and tools to monitor if anyone changes your location information. Helpful for those that have a lot of local business and do not want unwanted changes.

7. Links do not help a GMB Maps Google My business Maps rank any higher on Maps.

8. A bonus tip.

I hope that you have enjoyed this video today if you have GMB or Google Maps questions , local SEO or local marketing questions please always feel free to ask I am always happy to help when and where I can for any business.
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