Google SEO 2021 • Indexing Backlinks Test

Google SEO 2021 backlinks indexing test 2. In this series I am testing multiple providers that are popular in order to share some actual results for fun mostly.

SEO Consultation:

Indexing services and backlink indexing SEO tools are notoriously unreliable and there are so many link indexing tools available that it makes it hard to choose what to use.

So in this video I will take backlinks that I created using a network I work with. We have built 40 plus links and we have sent them to an indexing service. I will then live show some of the links along with that run a live index test to see what percentage of the backlinks are actually indexed.

So if you have further questions related to SEO or digital marketing in please feel free to ask below where I am happy to answer any and all questions related to link building , off page SEO or just Search engine optimization in general.

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