How To Build Backlinks (safely)

Today learn how to build backlinks and build links safely in 2020. I want to touch on different types of backlinks that a webmaster can attract to there site and some better practices that you need to put into place.

Any link type that is ultra easy to get can either harm you or will have a lesser effect in terms of ranking . More and more links are needing traffic to benefit. If you want to avoid a penalty hopefully this video has helped you out a bit.
Some link building you need to be careful with:

1. Press Release BackLinks
Press Release Links
Press release links were popular about 10 years ago.

2. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
A real PBN link can be helpful but be careful when using these types of links know where they come from and from who and where else they are linking out to. Do not use public networks be sure they are private in nature.

3. Social Bookmark Links
Social bookmarks are out dated and have almost zero help to your website ranking. If your going to use them keep it light in terms of how many you use.

4. Directory Websites
Directory submissions done in to much abondunce can be harmful. Keep things niche specific or only target sites that are better quality metric wise.

5. Blog Commenting
If you are blasting out hundreds of links through comment linking over time this can be a hurtful tactic , keep these link types no follow and niche related or at least from powerful websites in your sector.

6. Forum Links
Not all forum links are bad but do not base your link building strategy around forum backlinks

Questions about off page SEO PLEASE feel free to ask I am always happy to help when and where I can related to SEO or digital marketing .
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