How to Compete With Big Brands in Google [8.3]

In this video, you’ll learn how to compete with bigger companies in Google search.
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Whatever industry you’re in, the best search queries are most likely owned by someone already.

And that “someone” is usually a big established website that is better than you in every possible way:

► A strong brand, full of credibility and trust;
► A lot of resources for creating amazing content;
► A big loyal audience to whom they can promote their content…and get links from;
► A huge advertising budget to reach insane amounts of people.

And, to make matters worse, they already rank at the top of Google for all the best keywords that you wish to rank for.

This also means that they get highly relevant consistent traffic to their pages every single month.

Which means that some of these people will end up linking to these pages. The mere fact that it ranks #1 in Google makes their page worthy of a link.

And then, a consistent flow of new backlinks will obviously strengthen the leading position of their pages in Google search results.

This is known as the “vicious circle of SEO”.

Then, how do you break up this vicious circle of SEO and outrank those big guys?

You’ll learn how in this video.

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