How To Determine The Traffic Potential of a Keyword [3.2]

In this video, you’ll learn why search volume is unreliable, and how to actually determine the full traffic potential of a topic.
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Oftentimes, people may use different search queries to look for the exact same thing in Google.

And Google is smart enough to understand that these searches are similar and therefore ranks the same page for all of them.

Here at Ahrefs, we studied over 3 million Google searches to answer this question. And according to our data, the #1 ranking page will rank for about a thousand related keywords in the top 10.

Which leads us to the following takeaway:

Search volume of a single keyword is a bad indicator of the total search traffic potential of the article on that topic.

So, don’t make content marketing decisions based on the search volume of a single keyword.

Instead, you should look at the total search traffic a page is receiving.

You’ll learn how in the video.

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