How To Do Local SEO in 2020

Want to learn how to do local SEO in 2020 than this is the checklist for you. #localseo

So so many times you will find multiple checklists and templates online that will give a guide a way to rank #1 on Google or to get rankings in less time.

But they do not give the instructions on how to rank or what to do or implement to take action to achieve these rankings.

So this video will walk through how to do local SEO but from another stand point taking the information that is available online but giving a lot more insight on how to rank in 2020.

So for a lot of local businesses there are a few things that you will hear to get local rankings.

1. You need to build citations
2. You need to build backlinks
3. Optimize your pages
4. Create content
5. Reviews

And the list goes on but in this video I will dissect these popular checklists and dig a little deeper on what you need to do step-by-step for your local business marketing and SEO in 2020.

If you have a local business or you are thinking about taking your search engine optimization to the next level and have a questions always feel free to ask in the comment I am happy to help.

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