How To Get Do Follow SEO Backlinks in 2020

Today I’ll teach you how to get do follow SEO backlinks in 2020. We’re building backlinks on .GOV websites today in this tutorial on link building.

So we all know how important links are in 2020 , however I feel that search engine optimization is not only about creating backlinks.

But it is always a very good idea for and SEO campaign to get some links AKA site votes for there site from other authority entities in there niche.

But I get the question all the time is do follow the only type of link we need to be getting in 2020?
And the answer is no you need all types of backlinks to have a full backlink profile and never forget the link is only about twenty percent of an entire campaign.

Anchor text is yet another very important ranking factor that can never be taken lightly.

And what about topical relevance in 2020-2021 does a topical relevant backlink matter for passing power or boosting page rank if this was still a visible metric to measure ?

So the question comes up quite frequently are .gov or .edu backlinks high quality or our these links considered authority or topical relevant to any niche or website.

And my answer is you can always push power up to and through a do-follow link , with that said see my video on link vectoring to get a deeper understanding of anchor text and off page content along with your on-page SEO practices. This is how on page and your anchors can change the view of a link type coming into your website. Noe this is called link vectoring.

Not always a link will still show it’s power if it is not 100% relevant to your niche however for future proofing your website it is advisable to go for topical or at least niche related moving into 2021.

So this guide will aim for do follow high quality backlinks from two separate websites. However no-follow are just as important for link creation. When building and creating links think about quality over quantity and if you can steer clear from link generators.

I hope that this digital marketing how to get links video was helpful for your website.
I will have many more tutorials that are great for beginners or for experts that are link building for there websites whether they are affiliate or eCommerce any type of website can benefit from votes from other sites.

If there are any questions feel free to ask in the comments below I am always happy to help any fellow link builder or SEO.

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