How to Outsource SEO (Step-by-Step)

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to systematize and outsource SEO using a simple 3-step framework.
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There are two massive benefits to outsourcing SEO over doing it in-house:

► It creates time for you to focus on things where you’re most valuable.
► Your hiring is not limited by geography.

Here’s the framework to building your outsourced SEO team.

First is to create SOPs. SOPs are detailed documents that explain how to carry out a task from start to finish.

If you’ve been to any McDonald’s around the world, you’ll learn that the experience anywhere, no matter in which country, is almost exactly the same. And this is due to SOPs.

For each new hire, they’ll get both in-person training as well as a handbook. The handbook covers how to do literally everything from greeting the customer at the drive-thru window, to kitchen responsibilities, and even how you should handle money.

And this is how you want to create your SOPs. Don’t assume that people you hire know your expectations. Outline every last detail to the point of visualization.

You’ll learn how to do this in the video.

The second step in the framework is hiring freelancers.

People often look for one freelancer to do everything. And while there are people who are good at many facets of SEO, doing everything alone is time-consuming, and just straight up inefficient — especially if you have the resources to hire a team.

When you hire people to take over specific tasks, they become masters of that task. The quality of their work improves rather than deteriorates because they’ve been spread too thin.

How does Sam do the hiring? Watch the video to find out.

Finally, the third step is to systematize your workflow.

Even if you’re only outsourcing one facet of SEO, it’s still a complicated business with lots of moving parts. And that’s why you need a project management tool to keep track of everything.

This video will teach you how to use Kanban boards to create a successful project management system.

SEO outsourcing is hard at first. But when you put in the initial grunt work you’re setting up a foundation to repeatedly do good SEO for your site. And as you and your team can continually refine and update your SOPs scaling any process gets even easier.

You just need to hire more people where help is needed, onboard them with your SOPs, and the system will continue to work for you.


0:00 Intro
0:38 Benefits to outsourcing SEO tasks
1:18 Create SOPs
4:36 Hire freelancers
8:13 Systematize your workflow

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