How To SEO Audit A Website Traffic Drop

Website traffic dropped learn my 5 step SEO audit checklist to diagnose dropped website traffic.

So a key take away is a website is really pages and Google is looking at pages by page by page.
This can be a little confusing however a web page ranks not a web-site.

So this website audit is broken down in five separate parts and those are as follows. And I will go into more detail of what these are in the video.

1. Make sure your not just seeing a little drop in traffic.
2. Have you or anyone else made changes and if so what where they?
3. Are other pages ranking for the lost pages terms?
4. What new features are showing in the search results?
5. Has the user search intent changed?

I hope that this quick and easy SEO audit checklist has been helpful and more so I hope that your site recovers some traffic over time.

Never be discouraged and keep moving forward with your search engine optimization efforts. Remember when you move up someone moves down in rank and they want to get back so always keep moving forward.

Performing and audit should be done every 6 months depending on the size of the site not just when an issue shows up you need to be proactive with your website.

If you have questions regarding audits or website traffic please let me know I am always happy to help.

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