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Learn how I index backlinks a link indexing tip. ( kind of )-
So during this video I am uncovering a “method” that I have stumbled onto out of frustration I simply went to any and all link indexing service pages and I proceeded to submit the page that I wanted to be indexed into search engines.
NOTE: I am not recommending these services they are not my backlink indexing services. I do not own or have a partnership with ANY of them.
This is just showing a strategy I used to index one backlink one time.

Generally when you have a link that is having trouble being indexed it is due to only a few reasons and those reasons are.

1. Low quality backlink.
2. Not on a authority site.
3. Spam in the eyes of search engines
4. You have not given enough time.

So I covered a relatively fast and free and kind of easy way to get stubborn backlinks indexed for free in this video. This method for indexing might not be the best for large amounts of backlinks however if you have one or possibly two up to 10 links that are deemed worthy you can feel free to submit to some free services.

However be careful make sure it is a ping or unique indexing method be sure what the method of indexation the site is using is not placing code on your site or making a link on there site of your page.

Just be cautious when using any link indexing service.
I simply wanted to show and showcase what had worked for a recent link that I created that was having a ton of trouble being indexed and staying indexed in search engines.

So if you have off page SEO or SEO questions related to local business or any other SEO type and I can help I am always happy to , please feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you.

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