Keyword Research 2021: How To Find Low Competition Keywords

Today’s keyword research tutorial learn how to find low competition keywords 2021.

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What you will learn in this video:
How to find low competition keywords when doing keyword research without relying on a keyword analysis tool to give back a keyword difficulty score.

I walk through the process of getting a keyword list and putting it into either a spreadsheet or into a text document.

Then you need to add the keywords search volume into the spread sheet.

After you have both the search volume and also the keyword list. The next step will be heading over to Google and doing a search with an advanced search operator.

You will need to take a keyword and search like this ” intitle: keyword here ”

What will come back at the top of the page like shown in the video is a number of how many pages have an optimized title tag on there pages.

If you are then you take the amount of pages that have an optimized title and then divide that by the search volume you will come out with a number like this one ” 123.85462893 ”

After doing this for you keyword list the keyword that has the lowest number after doing the equation will be the top choice for creating an article on that keyword or phrase.

But wait there is more!!!!

You need to search the actual search results page and see who is ranking in the top 10 , is it huge massive authority sites? If the first page is dominated by massive authoritative websites regardless of the KGR you come out with you will want to check the next keyword on your list to target.

If any questions about this tutorial or any other techniques related to SEO or digital marketing and keyword research feel free to ask below where I answer all questions.

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