Keyword Research Tips to Rank Higher in Google

Learn keyword research tips to rank higher in Google with this simple tip.
Not only will this video show you a super simple way to perform your keyword research but the greatest part is this applies to any and all queries.

Regardless if you have a local business or national even E com or affiliate. Doing your keyword research along with viewing the search engine results page to view your competition is very beneficial.

This pertains to you and in most cases regardless of the SEO you perform. I will give a few tips wrapped into one.

This SEO keyword research tip can help you get better rankings by adding or taking away stop words to determine if a SERP returns different results.

If a search engine returns different results but there is less competition you will want to target the stop word variations or without the stop words for better rankings on Google.

If you have any other keyword research tips questions feel free to ask below. I am happy to help with your website search engine optimization just reach out.

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