Keyword Research Tutorial For Local SEO

Local SEO Keyword research tutorial for business owners to SHAVE traffic off the BIG GUYS step by step.
SEO Consultation:

I will walk you through a keyword research plan on how to find keywords that your competitors the “BIG GUYS” are ranking for.

And then how to create articles and content based around keywords your competitors are already getting traffic for but are not fully optimized around.

What you will need is either a free or paid keyword research tool , for the example in the video I use SEMrush.

Once you have a tool to preform some competitor analysis you then need to identify keywords that they are getting traffic for that are lower difficulty and that they do not have a dedicated page on there websites about.

What you will learn in this video:
1. Keyword research ( with a tool )
2. Know your competitors
3. Analyze there web traffic
4. Find opportunities to write content
5. Optimize on and off page

I hope this helps your business get more traffic to your website in 2021. If you have further local SEO questions or even general marketing questions feel free to ask below where I am happy to answer anything digital marketing related.

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