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Before you buy link building SEO tools I hope you see this!! Today I cover the #1 issue with automated backlink building tools.

I am not telling you that link building tools do not have a place in my heart because they do.

But for your long term success in search marketing there are some elements to a backlink that you need to know. So , what you will learn in this video includes some of the factors to look for when building backlinks and that includes.

First, are the pages even related to your niche or topic?
Second, are the links you create on a brand new page?
Third, are the links being seen by search engines?

And the list of what to look for goes on and on but are the links on an authority domain that gets traffic?

Even more important will the link you build generate traffic and is it even seen by search engines.

The main take away do not depend on link building tools only to build backlinks for your SEO campaigns.

Most SEO tools build out brand new pages on non topical websites that get little to no traffic.

The value of the links are slim to none unless you are creating a mini network for yourself as a long term strategy. But mass backlinks on domains that have zero value will not be beneficial to your link building in the long run.

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