Link Building Strategies For Increased Rankings 2020

Want to learn link building strategies for better rankings 2020. Then this off page SEO video will be great for you.

So this video will uncover a tactic that was used for link building but has been relaunched for better results.

So in the past building .edu backlinks using a scholarship link building method was very popular however this method and strategy was soon found to cause a lot of issues.

Now fast forward into 2020 we are finding that a lot of websites are building links using a new technique of link building and that strategy is resource .edu link building.

So what is .edu resource link building , this is made up of links that come from pages on education websites that offer discounts and perks to students along with staff and teachers.

But what about a scholarship link what is that? Scholarship link building is a older strategy for acquiring . edu backlinks. It can require alot of time and funding but the links can make it well worth it. But by using this new method there is a lot less to give away and a lot more to gain depending on the type of site.

And this works great if you have a eCommerce website due to the discounts you can offer.

Along with this the sites offer a do follow backlink and also some traffic to the pages due to the nature of the placement of the link on the pages linking out.

So I hope that you have enjoyed this off page SEO strategy video if you have questions about link building strategies for better ranking in 2020 let me know. I am always happy to help your business or website.
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