Local SEO 2020 – Complete Guide To Rankings

Today’s video will walk through local SEO complete guides to rankings in 2020. This will be the step by step for beginners to help there rankings.

We will walk through in depth a local SEO guide and checklist.
For New Websites and how to get traffic and rankings fast.
If you got a brand new local website, you want higher rankings on Google. What should you do? There’s so much information out there, it’s very overwhelming.

There are tons of checklists that give vague details but do not go into depth on how to implement the checklists or the tips inside of the downloadable PDF. So today’s video is covering the how to’s step by step for beginners with new websites or people who just want to learn a bit more on how to get better rankings for there local sites.

We will cover these topics and many more for new webmaster and new local sites.
1. Optimize technical aspects of website first. Server , Hosting , Speed , CMS etc..
2. Building local citations.
3. Local high authority directory sites.
5. Including Local Business Schema On site.
6. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are a must for tracking and performance. Don’t forget Bing 🙂
7. Where is your comp getting reviews that is where you will generate yours.
8. On page optimization and variation , see competitors websites for ideas.
9. Internal link building from service to service page.
10. Create & Verify Google My Business. Check Bing and other major Networks.
11. Building localized backlinks , do not forget anchor variation.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video , if any questions always feel free to comment.
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